Professional & Consulting Services

From assessments to defining next generation architectures, implementations, project management and ongoing operations, Mainline RTP has a team of subject matter experts that can help with it all.

IT Product and Asset Management

IT product and asset management is an important part of an organization’s IT strategy and involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information which is then used to make decisions about purchases and redistribution. IT inventory management helps organizations manage their systems more effectively, and also saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases, along with promoting the harvesting of existing resources. Organizations that develop and maintain an effective IT asset management program further minimize the incremental risks and related costs of advancing IT portfolio infrastructure projects based on old, incomplete and/or less accurate information.  Mainline RTP can assist with several components of this lifecycle including data collection and establishing contract terms and conditions repository, tracking asset allocation changes with visibility and a reporting dashboard.



Given the rapid pace of change with technology, periodic assessments are a beneficial practice to validate existing technology environments.  Assessments are an efficient way to initiate steps to improve overall environments, as well as make needed changes and upgrades to support future activities for both technology and business requirements.  Mainline RTP has the expertise to help assess the status quo, understand future requirements, and to develop a set of technology solutions that will be executed in the most efficient and effective manner.


Staging and Configuration Services

Uncrating, unpacking, racking and configuring technology components can often take considerable time; requiring key data center resources time and effort.   Mainline RTP offers staging and configuration services that allow for the delivery of the manufacturers equipment already tested and configured for your environment.  Mainline RTP also has staff available for onsite installation.



In the highly dynamic world of IT Services, staff augmentation, with required expertise and skillsets, is essential to a successful IT operation.  Identifying and vetting the proper resources for the role is critically important.   By leveraging our proven identification methods and access to solid talent pools, Mainline RTP has an extremely impressive track record of identifying and placing the right candidates into the right roles, including short term assignments to multi-year engagements.

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