Data Center and the Cloud

Mainline RTP employs a powerful combination of people, processes and technology to conduct storage assessments. The better you understand your exponential growth of storage and its associated costs, the better you can manage and plan.


Technology staffs are experiencing significant change in the way companies continue to view and consume IT.  Virtualization remains a widely used technology, garnering many benefits, including flexibility to scale and turn up systems quickly.  Implementing and leveraging virtualization technologies will also allow your company the ability to leverage your existing current technology investments and platforms while improving both operational efficiency and driving overall Data Center savings.


Enterprise Storage Design and Assessments

Current data center environments continue to challenge the status quo.  With storage requirements exploding, storage remains one of the larger costs in the Data Center.  The need to manage this growth and complexity around multiple environments; more demanding backup, recovery and retention requirements solutions; and the ability to leverage the cloud have made a rapidly expanding technology even more complex.

Each of these components requires a well thought out solution that is can scale, integrate to existing and new solutions, and remain future-ready. Mainline RTP storage experts will assist with your organizational design and implement the correct solutions to meet the company’s current and future requirements, and design solutions that can scale and integrate as required.


Server and Compute Design Services

Much like storage environments, server infrastructures are growing rapidly and are also proving more challenging. Reducing overall cost is central to what many companies are now viewing as largely a commoditized space.  Implementing software defined solutions, reducing server administrative overhead, reducing deployment times, and maximizing efficiencies in the wake of shrinking budgets and staff are top of mind for IT leadership.

With the convergence of data center technologies, improved processing times, ability to pool compute and storage resources, intelligently managing and monitoring maintenance and power make defining the right server environments even more impactful.  Mainline RTP staff have the experience to help customers design and implement the latest technologies from the leading providers.


Converged Infrastructure Solutions

More & more organizations are assessing and implementing converged infrastructure solutions for specific data center use cases.  The same is required in remote offices where servers and storage often exist as isolated islands of disparate infrastructure that require management through separate operational processes and procedures. This approach can be expensive and puts your data at risk. Converged infrastructures for remote and branch offices allows IT to transform the delivery of data and applications while reducing risk of downtime and data loss.   Mainline RTP has the expertise to help companies assess and deploy converged environments, to fortify security, and improve the TCO.

Let Mainline RTP and their team of experts assist with your Data Center and Cloud needs.