By Sandeepa Majumdar

The pivotal role played by data analytics in today’s digital era is of little debate. Big data makes it possible for organizations to not only create personalized consumer experiences, but also provides substantial cost advantages for companies. The immense stir created by big data is only expected to grow larger and experts from the Computer Sciences Corporation predict that by 2020, the generation of data will be 44 times more than what it is today. However, a significant impediment in this era of ‘data dictatorship’ is efficient storage of the data. “A common challenge which most CIOs are enmeshed in is, the burden of explosive storage growth and dwindling enterprise budgets,” remarks Ron Robbins, Founder of RTP Technology. As a panacea, RTP Technology offers expertise in storage by managing storage implementations that range from terabytes to multiple petabytes. The company’s enterprise storage solutions delivered in partnership with NetApp and EMC ensure that customers receive solutions with the highest efficiency. “Apart from rendering the best technologies we also help design, implement, and manage storage solutions for our clients,” says Robbins. Delivering capacity training and regular system health checks, RTP Technology maximizes the use of NetApp’s technologies allowing customers to elevate the efficacy of their storage systems. “The NetApp tools that we provide go a long way in augmenting peak efficiency for our customers,” adds Robbins.

More than Storage Services
Initiating their partnership seven years ago when NetApp was emerging as a de-facto standard for Network Attached Storage (NAS), RTP Technology’s services today extend beyond storage, infrastructure, and mobility to a complementary combined product strategy. From a technical standpoint, for the smooth functioning of the front end, RTP Technology conducts presales where architecture, design, and capacity training is devised. The company ensures that right configuration is implemented in the front end which prevents friction in the back end. “Careful planning of the front end saves us time, while at the back end we have another group of engineers coordinating onsite deployments in tune with capacity planning for peak performance,” explains Robbins. Handling traditional storage operations, as well as architecture and project management, RTP Technology offers consulting services on an onsite basis for their clients. In one instance, it took just one phone call from a large international bank to get RTP Technology’s engineers on site to analyze the issue. The bank was experiencing certain dissonance after deploying and upgrading their NetApp equipment. “The trading floor had come to a halt due to an internal snag, which tripled the workload,” describes Robbins. After gauging the business needs of the customer, RTP Technology deduced that the shortcoming was not in NetApp, but a flawed critical algorithm in their program that required changing. RTP Technology devised a capacity plan which, apart from improving performance, notified the customer about their volume limit and resolved the problem in a week. “We did not bring in the cost till we solved the problem, which speaks volumes about the trust NetApp vests in us when it comes to leveraging their technology,” expounds Robbins. In the end, NetApp was appreciative of RTP Technology’s ability to solve the problem through specific resources and recommendations, while the customer experienced immense growth in their business.

Effective Pairing of Technology and Solutions
Servicing a broad spectrum of clientele from global corporations to U.S. based companies RTP Technology holds expansive knowledge on data center technologies and solutions across industries. According to Robbins, NetApp’s wide array of technology solutions, along with its single operating system for diverse applications brings in better data protection and capacity utilization for its users. Additionally, engineers at RTP Technology go through regular training to stay abreast of the updates on new products and tools. The company believes in extending the concept of a service provider and reseller by delving deep into engineering to resolve customer issues. Their many years of experience coupled with strong partnerships are the core reasons behind RTP Technology’s ability to match effective technology and personnel with corporate specific IT demands. Always in a supportive mode versus reactive mode, RTP Technology does not perceive customer engagement as transactions and builds relationships for optimum delivery of solutions. “With evolving technology, customer demands are perennially changing and clients in turn want applications to be set up in a short timeframe. Regardless of the demand, our goal is to go against all odds and meet the needs of our customers in a cost-effective way,” remarks Robbins. In one case, when Hurricane Sandy hit, a large bank needed millions of dollars of NetApp equipments set up, as their data center was flooded. It was a time of crisis and most major banks and global accounts in New York were suffering from a similar predicament. RTP Technology had a team of engineers assembled in no time, and within two days, new equipment was installed for their client. “We supplied the necessary resources and products at a time when most organizations were struggling to commute or travel. The question of finances only came into the picture once the task was completed,” says Robbins.

Best of Breed over Standard Solutions
When it comes to deploying solutions, RTP Technology operates with a certain degree of consistency, reliability, and accountability that are part of the company’s core value. “In some cases, NetApp is the right fit, while EMC could be the answer in other instances. Our technical resources are in direct contact with storage companies, deploying solutions that are best suited for our clients,” explains Robbins. The company works closely with NetApp and other vendors, diminishing the gap between enterprises and their customers by providing best of breed technology in accordance to a client’s need. By integrating NetApp products with other platform —blending HP Servers and CISCO networks with Netapp storage—RTP Technology delivers a preconfigured rack of equipments that is tested and supported. “Our strategy is not only to build solutions, but also to support those solutions through onsite services and technical resources, relieving customers from mundane technology tasks,” explains Robbins.

Keeping Up with NetApp
Currently, RTP Technology is building on their cloud solutions by collaborating with cloud providers and tying them with Netapp. In the near future, the company plans on further enhancing these services and extending their offerings to major manufacturers and retail communities. Furthermore, in partnership with prominent software firms like Splunk, RTP Technology is making great advancements in big data deployments. Major developments on Netapp are also on the charts for competent new products. “NetApp considers us as one of their premier partners and we want to further cement that relationship,” quips Robbins. For better customer outreach, the company will extend its roots in London and Germany, while incorporating more innovative solutions and better technology. As the future of software defined storage, flash, and virtualization is expected to undergo major evolutionary advancements, it is likely that DNA storage and helium drives will replace current data storage methods. While NetApp is making a massive headway in transforming organizations into a shared IT infrastructure, the promising stint exhibited by RTP Technology in NetApp is only expected to grow by leaps and bounds for years to come.

RTP Technology Corporation named as one of the 20 Most Promising NetApp Solution Providers 2015
In the current data-driven scenario, storing information and managing its storage has become critical for the success of any enterprise. To make their information well-secured, enterprises across the sectors are leveraging viable and scalable storage software tools to improve the control and management of storage. The need is to find storage platforms that can not only fortify emails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, and spreadsheets, but also can allow employees to have the access to data from anywhere. According to Research and Market analysts, the global storage software market will grow at a CAGR of 4.74 percent and the global storage hardware market at a CAGR of 12.21 percent in the next three years. Amidst these developments, NetApp plays a prominent role in increasing the storage system efficiencies of enterprises. NetApp develops a plethora of revolutionary storage products that assists companies with the storage, management, protection, and retrieval of valuable data. To help CIOs find the right NetApp Solution Provider for their enterprises, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the CIO Review editorial board has selected top players from over three hundred NetApp solution providers. The companies listed here demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies, methodologies, and outstanding customer service, while helping CIOs realign their IT strategy directly with that of the business. In our section, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for costeffective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex NetApp landscape. We present RTP Technology Corporation as one of CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising NetApp Solution Providers 2015.